a word used in Cuba to collectively describe the drums, songs, ensembles, passion and the performance itself in fast-paced rumba music

Tumba is what you make of it. 


Initially a platform designed to showcase the progress of a copywriter working his way towards AdLand, its grown into a collective celebration of counterculture, music, photography and travel.

Words and advertising ventures are from the author and the content is a combination of interests, ideas and experiences alongside contributions from likeminded creatives.

Tumba is what you make of it. Collaboration and the free movement of ideas are responsible for breeding the kind of borderless creativity we’re fortunate enough to see come unapologetically into being today, kicking and screaming and for better or worse, changing the way we see the¬†world.

Tumba was created as an observation deck to watch it all happen.

Take from it what you will and if you’re feeling inspired, or just want something you’re passionate about to be featured – please get in touch.