In a sea of emerging streetwear brands, its become increasingly difficult to make an impact on not only an already hugely diverse landscape, but a highly fluid and consumer led one.

Staying relevant whist keeping true to a brand vision requires a motivation and finesse that some label bosses may lack. In 2016 however, two creatives from North London succeeded in single-handedly taking London by storm with their homegrown collection of hybridised Japanese skate apparel and streetwear.


Kūki head-honchos Eden Tarn & Nicholas Constantinou have created a brand that not only facilitates the collision of Japanese culture with UK skate apparel but also manages to be perfectly unique in their reproduction of every piece. From traditional Shinjuku kimonos to classic textile pattern windbreakers and everything in between, the statement pieces have been executed in their unmistakable monochromatic style with punchy Japanese characters adorning most.


The gallery below, donated by Kūki, manages to capture not only the beautifully stark cityscapes that the clothing pairs so well with, but also the playfulness and dynamism of the ever-growing London grime and hip-hop scene. With a number of collaborations under their belt and many more underway, the Kūki boys have secured their place in the community London’s fast rising urban musical talent.

All credit to Eden & Nico for the photography visible below and keep an eye on the horizon and an ear pressed firmly to the ground for the imminent Kūki invasion – these two are only just getting started.

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