Tumba began with the idea that a portfolio should be more than a ramshackle array of works designed to showcase one’s ability in a certain profession. Why not extend it to interests? Experiences? And why limit it to solely those of the editor? And so Tumba grew into a wider platform for creative expression. However the portfolio aspect remains and it’s contents can be found here.

The Works section of Tumba will ultimately contain various pieces of media centered around creative advertising from a number of contributors. In it’s early stages however the works here are only those that were produced by the author. They were written under the guidance of creative and digital visionary Marcel Cowan who is the Creative Director of The Island agency. Work has also been produced for The Creative Clinic

Watch this space for new campaigns and get in touch if you’d like your Print, Digital, OOH or TV advertising to be featured. 

BRANDING (Coming soon)

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